2020 EPA Woodstove Regulation

The USA Environmental Protection Agency (and likely to be adopted throughout Canada) has implemented a maximum 2.0 grams of particulate per hour regulation effective May 15, 2020 - this means that any product sold after May 15, 2020 at the retail level must conform to this standard. 

Product purchased before or in use at the time of implementation of this regulation will not be affected.

Our mission is to provide efficient, reliable, consumer friendly, next generation products with fully adjustable burn rates and non-catalytic technology. 

Pacific Energy will meet or exceed the 2.0 g/hr regulation on all our products. Our almost 40 years of developing world-class solid fuel appliances has convinced us that catalytic technology and single burn rates are an inferior, unreliable way to achieve lower emissions and more importantly an unnecessary compromise. 

Many of our products have passed testing and we will continue to refine clean burn technology. Our list of Pacific Energy EPA 2020 approved models is updated frequently, please check back again and watch the list grow.

2020 EPA Ready:

Super LE Wood Stove

Super Classic LE Wood Stove

Super Insert LE

Summit LE Wood Stove

Summit Classic LE Wood Stove

Summit Insert LE 

Vista LE Wood Stove

Vista Classic LE Wood Stove

Neo 1.6 LE Wood Stove

Alderlea T6 LE Wood Stove

Alderlea T5 LE Wood Stove

Alderlea T5 Insert LE

Alderlea T5 Classic Insert LE

Vista Insert LE*

Alderlea T4 LE Wood Stove*

Neo 1.6 Insert LE*

Neo 2.5 LE – In testing

Neo 2.5 Insert LE – In testing


It is important to note that once a model is EPA 2020 approved, it may not be automatically available or reflected on the website and/or in print brochures.

Please educate yourself on catalytic technology in woodstoves and fireplaces here.

*EPA Test Report Pending