Design a Fire


What is Design-A-Fire? It’s choice. It’s a selection of interchangeable components that allow you to customize your fireplace experience and create the exact combination of color, finish, and detail to perfectly enhance your home.

Porcelain & Trivet

8 Porcelain Colours and 3 Trivet finishes for all Classic Models

Porcelain and Trivet

Four Finishes for Doors and Legs

All Pacific Energy Wood Stoves (except The Fusion) are customizable in your choice of door and leg finishes.

Available in Gold, Nickel, Metallic Black and Brushed Nickel.

Doors for all Pacific Energy firplace insert models are also available in these four finishes. 

Two door styles, Arched and Radiant, are available only for the Spectrum and Super series.


Screen Doors

Expand your burning season with a Screen Door, sized to fit all Pacific Energy Wood Stoves and Wood Inserts. 

Black Metallic finish with double handle design for easy placement and removal. Existing door may remain in place during Screen Door use.

Ash System

Ash disposal is clean and easy with a removable ash drawer and is a standard feature on all the Classic models and The Fusion. 

It is available as an optional extra for the VISTA, SUPER 27, SUPER STEP TOP and SUMMIT.


Temperature actuated 125 cfm variable speed blowers are available for all stove models. 80 cfm  and 160 cfm variable speed blowers are standard features on Inserts.