What is Design-A-Fire? It’s choice. It’s a selection of interchangeable components that allow you to customize your fireplace experience and create the exact combination of color, finish, and detail to perfectly enhance your home.

Porcelain & Trivet

4 Porcelain Colours and 3 Trivet finishes for all Classic Models

Create a Classic pellet stove that uniquely complements and enhances your home our Design-A-Fire options: select from a palette of porcelain colors, doors, and metallic finishes for doors, legs and trivets.

Porcelain and Trivet

Four Finishes for Doors and Legs

All Warmland Pellet Stoves are customizable in your choice of door and leg finishes.

Choose from two door styles, Arched and Radiant, and in the finish to best suit your home

Available in Gold, Nickel, Metallic Black and Brushed Nickel.